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DANK, often used as slang in pop culture, is an expression that was used by hippies for something that’s of high quality (mostly weed, eh). Though we’re not always high, we really do believe in creating high quality comfort clothing and making our style no-fuss yet fashionable for them chillers out there. DANK interprets international aesthetics by incorporating whole lot of monochrome, floral prints, clean lines and varsity style.


 DANK is inarguably inspired by hip-hop style and pop-culture trends. From the good old jams of NWA and Notorious B.I.G to the dope tunes of our favourite gangster ASAP Rocky, we dig everything that sounds and feels good! Our first line is the varsity collection, which is a groovy mash up of hip-hop slang and classic varsity styled jerseys, with a pop of floral and Hawaiian prints. These are cool, comfortable, stylish and UNISEX!